• Eden Russell

What a Wonderful World | Darby Family | Bonham Lifestyle Photographer

What a gift it is to find someone you love, and for them to love you in return.

This sweet, beautiful family drove 2 hours round trip just to have me capture their first set of blended family photos.

To say I feel honored is an understatement.

If Brianna had not mentioned it beforehand, I would have never realized they were a blended family. They love their children equally and their children love them just the same.

Watching Triston love on his baby brother was the sweetest scene. With how beautiful the setting was, on top of how kind and loving this family was, the song "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong kept playing in my mind on repeat.

The sunset was absolutely mesmerizing.

Triston was an incredible big brother to Weston, which put my mommy heart at ease.

And the love between Brianna and Ron just glowed brighter than the sun.

This will definitely be a session I remember forever.

I got to the location about 45 minutes early to scope it out and found a bunch of "closed" signs. Immediately I started looking for other areas nearby that would be similar enough. Shortly after I started looking I got a message from Brianna saying she was there as well.

I let her know what was going on and that I was walking around trying to find a new location.

I thought I had found something beautiful however, after hiking through the woods (literally) I discovered every single dead end known to humankind. Finally I gave up the search and decided to ask them to go to a completely new location that I saw on the way.

Easy Peasy right?


If you ever think you're taking a shortcut through the woods... think again. Not only did I get lost but once I found the road, I realized it dropped me off way far away from where I was.

15 minutes late into the session we finally started and it turned out to be 10 times more beautiful than the original location.

Aside from everything that could have made it go wrong, in the end everything aligned perfectly.

I'll let the photos speak for themself!

Thank you Brianna and Rob for trusting me to take your first Family Photos!


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