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Everyone has a story that is beautiful and unique, lifestyle photography centers around capturing life's incredible raw moments. Life is Organic, it's messy and fun, it has sad and happy days, but it all comprises a single story. As a Veteran I know how important it is to capture stills through every pass of life. One day all that we will have is the pictures we took, let me help you document the beautiful stories that fill your life.


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Hand Picked Photography is ran by a unique mother daughter duo. My mom Karri and I have often been called the real life Gilmore Girls because all growing up we were truly best friends, so much to the point we would become a photography team. In this new take on photography teams you have the freedom to choice which photographer you would like to book, or both! We can't wait to capture your real life every day raw moments that compile your beautiful life! 


I'm 25 years old, a wife and mother to two beautiful little girls. Currently I'm in College at Texas A&M University Commerce, studying Photography and Public Health . My passion for photography began after I had my daughter and I realized I knew too many people who didn't capture life's "little" moments because they couldn't afford a "real" photographer. I've been studying photography ever since and pushing myself out of my comfort zone to make sure I would be a competent photographer for anyone. It's important to me to create an environment that allows all walks of life to express their truest form and allows a positive memory surrounding the photos.


I'm a wife, mother of three, mamaw of three, photographer and a REALTOR. I took a short time away from the camera to focus on my real estate career and while I love being a REALTOR I also missed being behind the camera, capturing your special moments, so I've decided to join my daughter in her photography journey! I am a passionate storyteller, lover of natural light, and authentic moments filled with emotion. I have an obsession for capturing that moment that you will look back on for years to come! Photographs are therapy at your fingertips! Just think about all of those times that you go into your picture box to find that one photograph you are looking for and you end up sitting there for hours on end remembering, smiling, crying and laughing! I LOVE photography so it is my mission to fill your home with quality images of you and your family without breaking the budget!





Perfect for headshots and little ones



Perfect for families

Forever Specials-

Love from Above Special

This Special is used for our loved ones and furry friends who are nearing their end of life. I will come out to capture their last few days here on Earth free of charge with a full gallery to the family. 

Forever Specials- 

Raelyn's Wings Special

This Special is near to my heart, my sweet daughter Raelyn Alice was born sleeping and I am using this special to honor her life that she was unable to live. For babies born sleeping I will document their short moment on Earth free of charge with a full gallery to the family. 

Forever Specials-

Service Member Wedding Special

This Special is specifically for Active Duty Military, Veteran and First Responders. It's the chance to win free wedding photography services. For more details and how to enter contact Eden via email.


Forever Specials- 

Partial Wedding Special

This Special is for all members of the community. It's the chance to win free partial wedding photography services. For more details and how to enter contact Eden via email. 



“Eden with Hand Picked Photography has captured some of my families most precious memories! I absolutely recommend using her for all of your photo needs!” 

- Dailey Family


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