Hi, I'm Eden!

I started photography when my oldest daughter was a baby, mostly just to get out of the house since I was a stay at home mom. But it quickly turned into a passion where I couldn't put my camera down. Honestly I wish I had picked up photography sooner because I have lived in some pretty cool places. I've lived in Chicago, Japan and San Diego! All of which would have been some awesome locations for pictures, but here we are... in Texas.. looking to travel back out ASAP!

You're probably seeing a pattern... Chicago? Japan? San Diego? Are you a military brat? Nope... I'm a veteran... Navy to be specific! Which is actually how I met my husband, who gave me my babies, that made me a photographer, which brought me here :) Together we have four kiddos, Raelyn, Luella, Aurelia and August. We also have two dogs and two cats, a full zoo. 90% of which are all named after Harry Potter... , Bellatrix, Albus, Sirius and.... Anayah ( Sorry girl, you get left out of this one)

I love Harry Potter, I've read all of the books many times and seen the movies many more. The way to my heart is a Harry Potter movie marathon, tacos, a comfy blanket and maybe a tattoo or two..

I was born and raised in Texas but I got a taste of the outside world and became absolutely obsessed, so I love to travel! I already plan on going to so many more places in the near future but if I can take pictures while I'm there you can bet I'm bringing my camera! So if you're here and you're wondering if I'll come to you, the answer is probably YES!! Just message me and we can start setting something up!

That's a little bit about me.. but I can't wait to meet you!


The Smiths

“HPP is amazing! Eden was so professional and super sweet!! Her personality made the whole experience even better! My wedding photos were very important to me because we only had 70 ppl so I wanted the ppl who didn’t get to attend to still get an experience through the photos and these did just that! Everyone is obsessed with the quality of these photos!!!”

01 / 08